Focusing on various cutting-edge technologies in Information Technology, the MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is a joint research laboratory between Macao Polytechnic Institute and Queen Mary University of London. With adherence to the highest standards of research centre management, we are developing a world-class research centre in Macao.

MPI-QMUL Information System Research Centre (ISRC) was approved by Macao SAR chief executive in 2004. The Joint Research Centre in Information Systems is a co-ordinated offer from the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). The overall scope of the co-operation includes research and systems integration to the level of proof-of-concept demonstrators or operational prototypes in closely inter-related Information Systems technologies. A wide range of activities will be included, from system architecture design to application development. In particular, the Joint Research Centre in Information Systems will focus on combining technologies in the areas of

  • Intelligent Radio Resource Management for Wireless Networks.
  • Security for large scale, corporative networks.
  • Intelligent gaming bot.
  • Multimedia and Imaging Systems
  • Internet Computing

MPI-QMUL ISRC office (Small)








Our lab

Prof. Cuthbert at 2nd seminar (Small)








Dr. Bigham at 1st Seminar (Small)








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